Sale of petroleum products and liquefied gas to agricultural enterprises

GETS, LLC sells and delivers light oil products and  liquefied gas, large and small wholesale in Ukraine.

Our experience in the Ukrainian market allows us to fully understand the needs of our customers and make cooperation mutually beneficial.

GETS, LLC  guarantees direct and timely deliveries from producers for the needs of agricultural enterprises or for further realization:

Diesel Fuel type EH-590, K-5 grade E,

Liquefied gas SPBT60 / 40,

gasoline A-92, A-95.

Being a partner of our company, you will get:

a reliable supplier of  light oil products in the assortment and liquefied gas;

high quality product;

timely and due delivery to the destination;

flexible payment terms (partial payment, payment at delivery).

deferment payment within 30 calendar days;

delivery by gasoline tank trucks from 5 to 42 thousand liters and by railway tanks.

The prices, the form of payment and the terms of delivery are agreed upon at the conclusion of the contract

We accept applications for the supply of products for 2017 - 2018

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