Logistics of agriculture products by road, rail and sea transport


GETS, LLC provides comprehensive solutions for transportation of grains, technical crops and their processing products, sunflower oil, fuels and lubricants, plant protection products and mineral fertilizers.

Logistics Services:

Delivery grain cars, hoppers and dry cargo ships (wheat, barley, corn, sunflower, soybean and other);
Delivery of sunflower oil, soybean oil and other;
Storage Services on elevators;
Transportation of refined products such as meal, oil cake, bran, animal feed;
Transportation of ADR cargo by certified transport.

For obtaining the most advantageous logistics services, we are developing the most optimal delivery routes to save on logistics costs. When organizing multimodal transportation by using different types of transport, we bear responsibility for the entire carriage.

транспортировка морским транспортом

Cargo forwarding is carried out in Ukraine and in the CIS countries, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Australia, America. 

For transportation of grain we use transportation vehicles exclusively for the carriage of agricultural products: grain carriers, Euro grain carriers, grain carriers with trailers (carrying capacity up to 40 tons), cargo vans (carrying capacity up to 5 tons)., hoppers (if delivery is made by railways) and bulk carriers (if the delivery will be made by sea).

Transportation from the thrashing floor, elevator, field, working out the carriage route
Paperwork, information about loads, GPS monitoring, tracking

Transportation of fuels and lubricants, plant protection products and mineral fertilizers is carried out by special vehicles which have ADR certificates of conformity.

Transportation of sunflower oil is carried out using tank trucks and flexitanks.

Our clients: Ukrainian farms, elevators, intermediaries in the sale of grain, grains exporters, foreign companies-buyers and their representatives in Ukraine.

Partnership with us means:

responsibility for terms of performance of transportation and safety of cargo;
competitive prices and optimal routes;
timely registration of all accompanying documents;
immediacy in decision-making;
professional team.

On our website you can order cargo transportation on-line by filling out the form. Our specialist of the logistics department will contact you and will answer all questions, individually calculate the route and the cost of transportation. 

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