Financial planning services,
attraction of financing

Professional financial and accounting planning is one of the main conditions for the successful development and prosperity of any Company.

Financial consulting is a range of services which allows to optimize the structure of financial management and to identify additional sources of financing and increase business profitability.

Often see that if the head does not have a competent financial specialist, then sooner or later the enterprise will face an increase in tax liabilities, difficulties in obtaining financial resources in the bank, and as a result, stagnation and insolvency of business. 

Financial consulting Services:

accounting tax planning and accounting support;
financial profit planning and investment planning;
support of the enterprise for obtaining the necessary investment indicators;
development of Business Plan;
development of enterprise development strategy;
increase in the authorized capital of the enterprise;
preparation of a package of documents for obtaining loans from banks and investment funds;
attraction of credit and investment financing for the enterprise;
attraction of property and financial guarantee;
choosing an insurance company and providing insurance for production, storage and transportation of products;
providing the enterprise with financial flows for obtaining economic indicators.

The benefits of financial consulting are unquestionable: your company increases profitability and business efficiency, moves to a qualitatively different level of functioning.

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