GETS, LLC is a team of professionals with extensive experience in trade, finance, and agrarian economics. We keep competitive positions in the agrarian market of Ukraine. On any issue we guarantee its partners a competent and individual approach.

GETS, LLC offers the following services:  

Wholesale purchase of grains,  oilseeds and products of their processing on the domestic market of Ukraine;

Sale of grains and oilseeds and products of their processing on the domestic market of Ukraine;

Export of grains, oilseeds and products of their processing;

Purchase and sale of mineral fertilizers in the assortment;

Sale of the seed material;

Sale of plant protection products and chemical fertilizers;

Sale of processed oil products (liquefied gas, diesel, gasoline A-92, A-95) on the domestic market of Ukraine;

Consulting services for farmers (business - planning, insurance, fundraising).

We are actively cooperating with the Association of Farmers and Private Landowners of Ukraine, Union of agricultural servicing cooperatives of Ukraine and the farms that specialize in growing of grain and industrial crops. Today, farmers use more than 4 million hectares of agricultural land and produce more than five million grains and oilseeds per year.

GETS, LLC using its own resources and the resources of partners, is able to implement trade deals in the domestic and international market in the necessary volumes, according to the concluded contracts.

Possessing operational information about market prices in the domestic and external grain markets, experience in their forecasting, GETS, LLC can always offer competitive prices to suppliers, ensure timely and quality delivery of goods.

We have a well-established delivery of goods and cooperate with forwarding companies that allows us to deliver grain inside the country and abroad by: railway wagons, sea containers, ships and grain trucks.